Music: Gordon Harvey/Simone Gill
Lyrics: Gordon Harvey
Gordon Harvey - Piano, electric piano, bass, synth
Simone Gill - Lead and backing vocals
Alexander Nettelbeck - Piano, electric piano
Barnaby Gold - Drums
Tony Buchanan - Alto sax, flute


I'll stand in shallow water and welcome the sun
I'll drink to the moon when the day is done
There is no other light that shines on me
You're staring me down but I still can see

And it feels like I'm breaking ground
Like it's starting to turn around
I'm going all in
After a lifetime of dealing out

But there's a wind that's blowing through the shroud
And I hear my own voice calling out aloud
And if it came down to you
Would you go
Would you go

I've got a book of salutations and I'm working through the list
But I know you've always waited for the things I missed
You stand your ground till I stop running round
So spare me a kiss as I pass through your town

But it feels like I'm breaking ground
And though you never tried to bring me round
I'm here to let you know
That I'm hoping you'll still be round

And it doesn't matter where this river takes you
And though I don't believe there's anyone with stakes in you
I do think
Grace will follow you
Do you know
Do you know