breath and body - a mediadogs ed-et compilation

The third album in our compilation series, breath and body - a mediadogs ed-et compilation, brings together an assortment of artists from more than twenty years of producing innovative electronic music under the mediadogs banner, and rarities from even earlier.  But note!  Most of this album is never before released and much of it entirely new. 

The collection features original tracks from artists such as Hanging Garden, the System Overlords and Shortwave 26.9m and remixes of artists including Aquiline and Loren Kellie.  It's available on Bandcamp and the usual download and streaming services.

Gordon Harvey - Unbecoming

Taking time out from Aquiline and Stellia, Gordon has created this beautiful collection, folding together piano, string quartet (the wonderful Invictus Quartet) and electronic treatments in a way that’s rich, melodic, visceral and subtle at the same time.  While serving their traditional roles of providing rhythm, melody and harmony, the acoustic instruments provide the source for the treatments - no synthesisers or samplers are used.  Rather than being embellishment, the treatments become a third ingredient in the recipe. 

Find Unbecoming on Bandcamp and the usual download and streaming services.


Assembled by genre, our ongoing series of compilations represent works by our artists and friends from the past thirty years, including Hanging Garden, Shep, LaLoba and more.